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Meet The Team


Tommy Roberts

Managing Director

Tommy founded Organized Play Events in 2020. Since then, he has successfully organized and ran some of Europes biggest TCG and Miniature Game events with even more on the horizon.Tommy previously worked for the industries biggest distribution partner, Asmodee. During this time Tommy worked directly with some of the worlds biggest OP programs to help them grow across Europe. 

Tommy has a wealth of knowledge working within organized play, working directly with game publishers to help build OP programs from the ground up.  Tommy's experience ranges from events management, OP kit production, OP kit distribution, OP kit assembling, building OP tournament structures and creating judge programs.

Adam perry

Community & Events Manager

Adam joined organized play events in 2023 as a long term volunteer. he first started off as a tcg judge for the various trading card game events ran by ope, moving on to work as a head judge and then stepping into the team on a volunteer basis. adam is responsible for managing the staff volunteers for the premier events, as well as helping tommy run the events. Adam was the head judge for both digimon and one piece eu championship finals in 2023, well done adam!

adam has played tcgs since he was a young boy, starting with yu-gi-oh then into pokemon, then into the various bandai card games too. he also has a professional knowledge of staffing, training and coaching, and uses those skills to select highly experienced staff for the events. he also has a wealth of technical knowledge that he uses to ensure the premium experience ope deliver is at the forefront of digital excellence.

Joe Wood

Technical manager

Joe joined organized play events in 2023 as a long term volunteer. he first worked for ope at their various tcg events, and quickly cemented himself as a technical expert thanks to decades working as an electrician. joe has also worked hard as a judge for tcgs for over a decade, with a keen focus on friendly customer service and providing accessibility support. joe has a wealth of expertise he uses to support ope at their events!

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We coulD not run any of our events without a dedicated team of staff volunteers who help us to organise and run our events. Please click here to find out a bit more about them, and how you can become one yourself.

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